A 14th Century Family Home

Loton Park is the ancestral home of the Leighton family, and was mentioned in the Domesday Book. The magnificent Grade II listed mansion is steeped in history, surrounded by lovely gardens and views over rolling farmland; it is a truly tranquil Manor to visit.

The present Baronet, Sir Michael Leighton of Wattlesborough, is married to Lady Leighton and has one daughter and three step-daughters. He has nieces, great-nieces, a great-nephew and three sisters living in the area.

Historians suggests that in the late 1500s there was possibly a house here, but the existing house is credited to have been built circa 1630. The North front was added in 1711 and the rather magnificent Grand Ballroom Theatre was added circa 1872.

Loton Park is probably one of the few mansions left in Shropshire still lived in by its original family. If you check in a book entitled Shropshire Houses, written by Sir Michael’s great, great Uncle, you will find that there are only about three or four left, and only about two go back beyond the reign of Elizabeth I, the others are only about 18th Century.